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Just really, really, very busy with my master's thesis which is due in, like a month and I haven't even got the first draft finished. Yay me!
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My sister is on holiday in Greece. To be exact, she's in Athens for a teacher's wedding there. I don't know if people are following the news but there are riots going on in Athens at the moment. People are throwing firebombs and trying to storm the government building.

Dad got a text message a bit earlier from my sister saying that she wasn't allowed to leave the place where she is staying, so she's okay and not in the riots at the moment but I'm still worried.

I'm so worried that I'm literally sick to my stomach.
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Yes dad, I know I'm a big old fatty who prefers to sit behind her computer and write or knit instead of excercise or who prefers to nom on a bit of chocolate instead of gnaw her way through a carrot.

Doesn't mean that it's right to be oh-so-frickin'-funny and joke that maybe I should "go to the gym" when I complain that my clothes don't fit. Clothes that I bought six years ago and rip at the elbows when I bend my arm because *gasp* I have grown so my arm have grown.

Doesn't mean that you should get so god damned offended when I storm out either and yell that if I can't take a joke I'm no allowed to make them either.

Oh and dad? That gut of yours isn't muscle.
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In all my four years at uni we've always been instructed not to use wikipedia as a source (you can use the works cited there as sources, but not wiki itself) on pain of the academic equivalent of being hung, drawn and quartered. No wikipedia. Ever. It's not scientific. Everyone can change it, including those with a personal interest in changing the info.

Now imagine my surprise when I'm reading a published scholarly article in a volume of Polish American Studies that opens up with a wikipedia quote.

People worry me.
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Because all the men I know in real life are either idiots, related to me or gay or, in some cases, a combination of these. Ye gods, I can't imagine what it would be like to be straight in these circumstances.
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I have officially the best dad ever. He made me something, and not just anything. He made me a knitting chest and it's absolutely perfect. It's all aged and worn looking and has a place for my needles, some books and of course the yarn. I used to keep everything inb a big cardboard box. No more!

Pictures here )

How awesome is this? I can actually find everything again!

On a note not related to knitting: I'm too old to be fangirling a band. There is something definitely wrong with the sheer glee I experience every time I hear The Baseballs coming on. If you don't know them, they're a coverband. Basically, they cover pop songs like Rihanna's Umbrella or Hot 'n Cold by Katy Perry but instead of just covering they turn it into this fifties rock 'n roll. They're awesome. If you haven't heard of them, try looking them up on Youtube.

It's on

Mar. 28th, 2010 01:11 am
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Enemy: mosquito.

Damages: covered in itchy bumps.

This means, of course, war. It's a crafty thing and it knows how to hide and wait until I've gone to bed which means I have to be crafty too in choosing my weapon.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I present my weapon. Lemon Balm. Biological warfare in the most basic sense of the word.

Oh dear

Mar. 21st, 2010 11:00 am
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I have to find a job. My only job ever has been through a temping agency and I am not doing that day-by-day thing again where you get calle don the last minute and end up scrubbing toilets between drunk men.

I have to find a job. Well fuck.
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Wrong tense. I went to the theatre yesterday and it managed to set of four major spaz-triggers in two hours. Wheeee! Thank goodness that I picked up a new ball of yarn for socks so I had something to do and keep me just this side of a full-on panic attack. Before you ask, no, I was not voluntarily there. I was there because they were putting on a play my teacher thought the class had to see.

The whole thing played with my fear of being at a wrong place, being somewhere new and unfamiliar, lots of shouting (on stage) and they suddenly dropped this whole bunch of barrels from quite a height on the stage. I think that the last was supposed to signify things falling apart or something. I just know that it scared the living daylights out of me every time they did it.

It's very annoying to spend several hours on the verge-but-not-quite-over of a panic attack. Not that I like panic attacks, but it's like being in a small space with a huge piano dangling over your head. You're just waiting for it to fall.
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I just made and ate Chocolate Cake in 5 Minutes! with my sister. The texture was kinda weird and chewy and it was a little dry, so next time I'll try less flour and more milk and oil. Perhaps a pinch of salt as well.

But it tasted like a chocolate cake and it was filling. My belly's all full on chocolate. Wheee!
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I needed a measurement. To be precise, I needed to know how big my sister's head is all around (57 cm, by the way) to knit up the leftover yarn into a hat to give with her gift for her birthday. I don't think anyone routinely has a list of head circumferences on hand.

Hmmm. Problem.

I heard a question from her room. Did I have any fun books to read? I glanced at my rather meagre Discworld collection. Why yes, yes I did. I grabbed one Discworld and Sex and the Single Vampire (which she refuses to read for reasons beyond my understanding) and the tapemeasure, skedaddled of to sister dearest and gave her the books, or book because she refused to as much as touch Sex and the Single Vampire. While she looked the book over, I took out my tapemeasure and struck.

Now it either says something about my sister or how she thinks of me because she sat perfectly still. Still as in 'Oh god if I don't move maybe the grizzlybear on the other side of the tree won't see me' still.

"Heh," I said, "your head is 57 centimeters around."

"Why did you need to know that?" she asked.

I rolled up my tapemeasure, gave her one grave look and answered, "You don't want to know."

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I got away with measuring my sister's head without betraying my intent.

Another story all together:

I walked back from the bus stop to my home. It was still light out. Some children were playing on the street and among them this little three year old. He turned around and looked straight at me. The street behind me was empty. The boy opened his mouth, pointed at me and, guess what he squealed? "Mommy!"

It didn't help that the boy's father burst out laughing while I stood there, gaping like the proverbial fish on dry land. A mother, I am most definitely not.
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I just pinned and blocked the parts for my sister's birthday gift. My first time blocking anything, but it looks good so far. I'm a little nervous about sewing it up, looks like the sleeves will be a little drama in the making.

Also, the electric iron emits steem with a kind of ghastly groan. Not the best thing while you also have Ghost Adventures on.

My life has become this boring. Blocking up pieces of a knitted cardigan is the highlight and deserves its own post. Wheee!
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My mother isn't exactly the brightest bulb around. This is a well known and accepted fact, even by herself. She has moments of stupidity which go unparalleled. For example, quite some years ago during winter when there was a literal layer of ice covering the roads and she had to go out and walk the dog my dad and I told her to pull socks over her shoes before going out.

She went out, came back and told us she was never doing that again because it was freezing cold. Guess what? She forgot that there was supposed to be a shoe in between the two socks.

I love her all the same, even though she pulls stunts the average four-year-old would consider too stupid to think of.
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Last weekend was wonderful. Sunshine, no rain, no nothing. So what do I wake up to this morning. A white, white world with snowflakes falling. Ugh.
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Thing One

Lights in bus: *go out*
Bus driver: Oops?

Thing Two

Bus driver: Okay, am I supposed to take a left or right here?

In other words: today's commute was... an experience.
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I sent in my master thesis proposal on 8 February. I re-sent it yesterday after not getting a reply. Today I got a rejection. All year I've been talking about linking creative writing techniques to analyzing contemporary novels. I've talked about it witha teacher, who thought the idea was very interesting.

Why was it rejected? One the one side I have 'too many questions' and on the other side he 'doesn't know how far the creative writing angle' will get me. Yes, you might say I'm a little ticked off. It's not his decission to say that I can't write. It's his call to hand my thesis over for supervision to someone.

So yes, my subject is definitely unconventional, at least for the way literature is taught here. That's why I chose it. Hundreds upon hundreds of books have been written on the subject. I have a source list of over forty sources. Trust me when I say that it will get very, very far.

I'm not going to give up on this. I'm going to by-pass him and go straight to the teacher who would have been my supervisor and ask her for help in re-drafting my proposal into something acceptable. This is not going to be like my bachelor thesis, where I chose a subject that didn't interest me because the same guy rejected my initial proposal. He can stuff it.

No reason

Feb. 25th, 2010 10:46 am
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There is no justifiable reason for a spider to be bigger than the palm of my hand. Even less so for a spider that is bigger than the palm of my hand to be in my house.

p.s.: yes Rex, I saw you hiding behind the couch from the Big Bad Spider. Scaredy-dog.
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There is only one row of houses between my new home and the levee so it makes sense to take our dog there when he has to go for a walk. Now that the snow has finally melted away, you can actually see the road. The black headed gulls that live here can see it to so when they fish up the freshwater molluscs and drop them on the road to get to the yummy insides.

Sometimes, half the shell survives. Sometimes, both halfs survive and stay attached. I picked one up out of curiosity, took it home and put it in boiling water to get the last scraps of the dearly departed mollusc out. And I kept picking them up because they're interesting. The smaller ones have a ridged outside and a smooth, purply inside on the shell while the larger ones are smooth on both sides and have a mother-of-pearl-ish inside.

Apparently I've become an accidental shell collector. But they're so pretty!

P.S.: I made myself a DeviantArt page, with so far one submission, The Flubbit.
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So the government fell. Again. I've watched a few of the debates going on and it was confusing enough for me, let alone people who aren't familiar with the multiple party system. The general idea is, I think, whether or not the Dutch should stay in Uruzgan. The PvdA (Partij van de Arbeid = Dutch Labour Party) says 'hell no' while the CDA (Christen Democratsh Appèl = Christian Democratic Appeal) says 'oh I don't know let's see'.

They actually spent half an hour debating the definition of the word premature. Ask a teenage boy, they'll know!

Then one of the Ministers pretty much called the other a liar and... yeah. Things went down hill fast from there. I don't know what good it will do. At worst we'll get Wilders in the Senate, which I doubt because no other party will do business with him and he's kind of funny in the House of Representatives since he'll outright call people on being liars and 'loony'.
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Somewhere amidst the unusual snowfall in my country (shuddup, two inches during winter in unusual, we have rain, not snow) I might have lost what precious little was left of my sanity and have decided to try making a clothing mesh for the sims. The tutorials are confusing O.o I mean, one says 'NEVER DELETE VERTICES' and then the other says 'press delete to remove unwanted bladeebladeebla'. Who am I supposed to believe here? But I kept going and finished a tutorial and edited the maxis teenager mesh and now I have this in game:

Gratuitous pic spam of one iffy dress )
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